Welcome to the webpage of the PRESERVE project. PRESERVE was an EU-funded project running from 2011 to 2015 and contributed to the security and privacy of future vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication systems by addressing critical issues like performance, scalability, and deployability of V2X security systems. This site is maintained for archival purposes.

Frank Kargl, Jonathan Petit, Norbert Bissmeyer
Scientific Coordinators PRESERVE

Presentation at the Toyota InfoTechnology Center, U.S.A.

PRESERVE (Jonathan Petit, University of Twente) and TOYOTA ITC (http://us.toyota-itc.com) discussed the current challenges of V2X communications to make it a success. Some preliminary results of the PRESERVE project were presented. Then, Security, Privacy, Distributed Congestion Control and Physical layer security were the main topics of open discussion.

Thanks you John Kenney (Toyota) for hosting this meeting!

Presentation at The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford University

April 18/19th: Jonathan Petit (University of Twente) presented the PRESERVE project at the The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford University. After a discussion on Security&Privacy of V2X communication, challenges of automated vehicles were discussed. A second meeting with Sven Beiker, Bryant Walker Smith and Aleecia McDonald was held on April 18th and specially focused on privacy challenges.

Presentation at Palo Alto Research Center - Privacy Lunch

April 11th 2013 - During his stay at UC Berkeley, Jonathan Petit (UT) presented PRESERVE and some research results at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), privacy lunch. 


This talk fostered discussions on Privacy & Security in ITS. Thank you PARC for hosting this presentation!

PRESERVE presented at Ecole Polytechnique Montreal and McGill University

February 28th 2013, PRESERVE was presented at Ecole Polytechnique Montreal. The Ecole Polytechnique Montreal is involved in the NSERC DIVA Network (http://nsercdiva.com), which targets the development and integration of communication systems, vehicular technologies, and applications for enabling nationwide deployment of vehicular ad hoc networks (VANets) and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Samuel Pierre (Ecole Polytechnique Montreal) and Jonathan Petit (University of Twente) discussed potential collaboration.

DRIVE C2X - PRESERVE successfully integrated

15-16 January 2013, Heidelberg, Germany: An integration and validation meeting between DRIVE C2X and PRESERVE was organized by NEC Labs. DRIVE C2X and PRESERVE (VSS Kit 1) are successfully integrated on the NEC platform (Linkbird).


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Last week, PRESERVE partners were participating at the IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference 2012 in Seoul, Korea. Researchers from PRESERVE were presenting a total of four papers related to secure V2X communication. PRESERVE also showed a demo on the current PRESERVE VSS including the FPGA-based HSM (VSS Kit 1) fully integrated with HITACHI communication stack of DRIVE C2X/Score@F. Furthermore, Frank Kargl was invovled in the organization of the conference as TPC co-chair.

Questionnaire on security and privacy needs in ITS

PRESERVE developed a questionnaire to gauge the perception of the broader ITS community on (i) security and privacy needs, and (ii) the PRESERVE architecture.

Feel free to answer this questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/preserveqn

Preliminary results would be published in the Deliverable D5.2.

International ITS Harmonization Workshop

On the 15-16 November 2012, PRESERVE and the Harmonization Task Group 1&3 jointly organized the Internation ITS Harmonization Workshop in Darmstadt, Germany. Members of HTG1&3, Standardization Organizations (IEEE, ETSI, ISO/CEN), OEM (Renault, Mitsubishi Electric, etc.), US DOT, and PRESERVE members gathered to present the results of the HTG1 (Security) and HTG3 (Communication). Discussions and panels helped drawing the conclusions and the lessons learned.

PRESERVE at ITS World Congress 2012



Short course on ITS Security and Privacy at NICTA, Australia

From 18.-20.7., Prof. Kargl gave a three day course on "Security and Privacy in Intelligent Transportation Systems" at the National ICT Australia Instituts in Sydney, Australia.

He shared recent results of the PRESERVE project and gave a general overview over current research and standardization efforts in Europe and the U.S..


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